Monday, June 15, 2009

Outrageous In America!! More Teen Violence In Chicago

The video was horrifying to watch.  A teenage girl was viciously and mercilessly attacked by 5 teenage girls in Chicago.  The attackers beat her, cut off her hair in what looked like a televised scalping, and burned her with a car cigarette lighter!  They committed this horrific act while their punk friend video taped the savage beating.  Sick!  Sick! Sick!  That's all that can be said about this barbarous act.

The punishment?  Two of the girls ages 15 and 16, the two who cut off her hair and burned her, were charged with a misdemeanor!!!  OUTRAGEOUS IN AMERICA!!!!!!  The laws have got to be changed in the state of Illinois!!!!!  And they must be changed in any other state that allows such despicable behavior to go unpunished!!!!!!  I don't care how old they are!!!!!!  They premeditated this attack to have a red, hot poker to brand their victim with and a pair of scissors to scalp her with.  Disgusting!!!!!!

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