Monday, September 15, 2008

Bullying Games

School is barely back in session and the bullies are hard at work humiliating their latest targets. Apparently, the games of the week at my daughter's junior high were "Pantsing" and "Dead Meat".

Pantsing is self-explanatory, of course. The principal apparently spoke to the students over the loud speaker telling them to stop pantsing other students because it is humiliating, and disgusting. Again, I have to point out the fact that the bullies relish humiliating their prey. So, telling them to stop because it is "humiliating" is only fanning the fire.

The "Dead Meat" game, however, had me stumped. I had to ask my 6th grader to explain it to me. According to her, the bullies run up behind the other kids and slam into the back of their legs at the knee joint in such a way that the victim falls to the ground. The principal reportedly stated that a student was seriously injured as a result of this despicable act.

I asked my kids what consequences were cited over the loud speaker in an effort to put a stop to the hazing. They did not recall hearing the principal warn the student body of the consequences. I was not surprised. I was disappointed, but not surprised. At, least something was said, but nothing was done.

The following day, luck had it that the school had contracted an anti-bullying advocate. His name was Michael Pritcher. My kids said that he was hilarious. They did not even realize that it was an anti-bullying assembly. A parent told me that Mr. Pritcher's son committed suicide after being chronically bullied at school.

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