Thursday, September 4, 2008

Schools Encourage Bullying

Some schools actually encourage bullying by not taking action when bullying is reported. But they also encourage upper class men bullying younger class men by instilling or allowing in their school the attitude that the upper class men are "superior" to lower class men. Of course, this is not the case, but nevertheless, this is the atmosphere on many school campuses.

One elementary school that my children attended actually had a cheer that encouraged this attitude that leads to hazing in our schools. The school cheer had a verse recited by each grade. When the cheer reached the 5th graders, they yelled out, "We're so cool we RULE the school." This cheer was not written by the children, but rather it was taught to them by their teachers as early as first grade. In my opinion, this is a completely irresponsible practice.

This past week, in middle school, my daughter was standing in the corridor when an eighth grade boy intentionally plowed right into her knocking her into a pole. Apparently, the rule is that lower class men either stand next to the lockers or be knocked down by the bigger kids walking through.

Before my kids got to middle school, I was warned by an eighth grade girl not to purchase the rolling backpack. I was shocked to learn the reason why. She told me that it is common practice for the bigger kids to pick on the kids who have them by kicking and even break the rolling backpacks! Thus, humiliating the new 6th graders in front of a large audience. Nice welcome to middle school!

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Anonymous said...

In elementary school and middle school, I got into trouble with the teachers a lot for being bullied.
How messed up is that?

Tons of schools allow bullying, even after the victims kill themselves.

Audrie Pott was raped at a party, and everyone present at the scene took pictures of the rape and showed it to everyone at school.
She experienced severe bullying after that and then killed herself.
All of the rapists and bullies got off easy.

Phoebe Prince was severely bullied until she killed herself.
All of the bullies got off easy.
Also, people continued to say horrible, hateful things about Phoebe after she died.

Megan Meier was cyber bullied into killing herself by some middle-aged fat bitch named Lori Drew.
Megan's parents filed charges against Lori, but Lori was acquitted of all charges.

There is no justice in this world.