Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rise In Number Of Moms In The ER

I was having a glass of wine with a friend the other night who is an ER nurse at our local hospital. She happened to mention the alarming increase of moms ending up in the ER from the surrounding affluent area. I asked what was bringing them in. She said they are coming in high on their kid's Ritalin! I shrieked, "What????!!!!!" I was soooooo shocked to hear this!

My friend went on to say that these women are taking their kids' prescription drugs because it is easy to do and difficult to catch. The main reason they are taking Ritalin and Meth is TO GET MORE DONE. Whoa! My next question of course was, What are they thinking???!!!! Then came the realization. Oh my God! These high, affluent women are carpooling children to and from school, soccer, baseball games, and school field trips! Not only is this a very dangerous trend, it is down right STUPID!

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