Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Secret Life" Contributes To Demoralization Of Our Youth

My young teens heard the overblown advertisements that blasted them at every commercial break, even though we have TIVO, for The Secret Life Of The American Teenager. Suspicious, I informed them that I would have to preview it and decide if it would be allowed to be shown in our home.

Alone one day, I sat down to watch program. Not only was the acting lousy, but every other word out of the actors mouths was "SEX, SEX, SEX". I was appalled at the laid back attitude of the girl who had just had a baby with one boy and was dating another teenage boy.

In my opinion, this show is amoral and not deserving on American viewership. ABC family network should be ashamed of themselves. Their programming does not promote family values, but only serves to tear our American society and families apart. I shudder to think what parents in other countries are thinking of us Americans after watching such rubbish.

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