Friday, January 15, 2010

KGO Radio Dealt With The Topic Of Sexting Today

Thanks Gil for bringing to the forefront the very serious problem of Sexting. I knew that the numbers were high, but Gil reported today that 20% on children are Sexting and 36% of young women are Sexting! These are shocking numbers.

I quickly grabbed the phone to dial in. I have never called a radio show before. It was an interesting experience. I was asked what I had to say. Caught off guard, I fumbled with my words and the woman told me to hold on. I waited through numerous commercial breaks only to hear Gil, the announcer, state that the show had ended. The topic clearly hit a nerve with the public and I hope he will touch on the topic again.

There were numerous thoughts and opinions that I would like to comment on, but will break them down into separate posts in the interest of time and organization.

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