Thursday, January 14, 2010

N.J. Mom Charged After School Refuses To Take Action Against Bully

I was stunned to see the report this evening. A New Jersey Mom was charged with verbally assaulting the school Superintendent in a meeting after his school administrators failed to take action on against a boy who pulled down the woman's 13 year old daughter's pants.

I have to say, bullies at my children's middle school have been known to pull other boys' pants down in the hallways. This behavior usually results in the bully being suspended. Small punishment for such a humiliating act, but it is better than nothing.

One comment I read on the blog,, infuriated me. A dude commented that this was just a case of kids being kids. I beg to differ. If someone pulled his pants down at work, at a football game, at the movies, would he not call the police? Would he not report the incident as assault? Would he not press charges? And let's remember that the victim here was a 13 year old girl.

The dude also commented that pulling down the girls pants was not a crime, but a prank. Excuse me?!!! Pulling down some one's pants is assault! What planet does this guy live on? I pray he never has children. Pulling down some one's pants serves no other purpose than to humiliate the victim. That is bullying and bullying is a crime. Finally, there are anti-bullying laws on the books. So, parents and victims do have legal recourse.

N.J. mom and her daughter should definitely press charges against the bully and sue the school district. Unfortunately, legal action is the only way to get the attention of school officials who fail to take disciplinary action against school bullies. I do hope that this case gets lots of national coverage and attention. The only way to stop the bullying in our schools is to speak out against it.

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