Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another Teen Dies As School Administrators Stand Idly By

It is always shocking to hear that another young person has taken his or her life as a result of bullying. It is so senseless. Especially, when the bullying was common knowledge and the parents and school administrators were aware of it.

Phoebe Prince, a beautiful, 15 year old girl took her own life as a result of her anguish over the chronic bullying she received at her South Hadley High School in Massachusetts. I am glad to see that a District Attorney is holding the school administrators accountable. Personally, I think they should be criminally charged along with the 12 bullies they, in effect, helped to end this lovely girl's life. Shame on them! Shame!


Anonymous said...

I am a mother of an 11 y/o boy and he has not have any problems due to the bullying so far.
But I am devastated to hear about Phoebe Prince and in total disbelief how many people knew about what was going on. Nobody did anything and she died for such a wrong reason.
I follow the news and am amazing how many cases are being reported. There was always an adult who knew what was going on.
I think that we need a stiff legal frame for schools which do not protect safety of their children.
It should be called something like a "
Phoebe Prince Act" and it would punish all the involved who were supposed to educated and care for the children at schools and who did not.
It was a hate crime, and all the involved were over 15 y/old. This is not about some little kids and "growing up".
I hope something can be done so she is not dead for nothing. We owe this to her and her family.
Grazyna Pyrek
Austin, Texas

Sandra McLeod Humphrey said...

School bullying is nothing new and was once considered a character-building rite of passage for our children, but now it is seen for what it is--a form of victimization and abuse. As a children's author, I do a lot of school visits and invariably the students and I end up talking about their bullying experiences. We also role-play different bullying scenarios, so that the students can "feel" the same situation from the perspective of the bully, the bully's victim, and the bystander. I always emphasize the importance of the role of the bystander who can inadvertently (or sometimes purposely) frequently stop or facilitate the bullying situation. Many of those students' stories were included in my book Hot Issues, Cool Choices: Facing Bullies, Peer Pressure, Popularity, and Put-Downs and the book was dedicated to a 12-year-old Minnesota boy who took his own life as a result of being bullied. Bullying is by no means harmless and it can leave lasting psychological scars.

Sunny said...

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Michelle said...

I never imagined in my entire life that bullying can really kill a young individual. And I wonder why school officials aren't doing any action regarding this matter. Truly, bullying is such a violent act and it really kills. In my hometown, I haven't heard any crimes reported because of bullying. But there are also certain crimes in our place and the victims are being taken cared of by a Jacksonville criminal lawyer. Also in Jacksonville, criminal lawyers are really trained and have great experiences in handling even the toughest cases of their clients.

Little Miss Honey said...

No To Bullying! I have been bullied when I was in elementary school... It gives you a bad self-image of yourself...

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