Tuesday, March 9, 2010

NASCAR Bullies Go Way Too Far

I was stunned as I watched a NASCAR driver purposely cause the car in front of him to flip off the track on Sunday. It was reported that he showed no remorse and indicated that it was pay back. Really????? Have we stooped so low as adults that we need to exact revenge on our tormentors?File a complaint, call the police, get legal retribution, but don't risk your life and the lives of innocent fans.

This blatant act was attempted murder. Hello! Both of these drivers should be thrown behind bars for attempting to murder each other on the track and on national television no less. I am completely disgusted by this attitude and both men should be ashamed of themselves! What's more, it appears that NASCAR encourages such reckless behavior. Why? For the almighty dollar. Sickening!!! Shame!!! Shame!!!! Shame!!!!

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