Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cyber Bullying On-line, Not Just For Kids!

Wow! I just, just became a member of Blogher, an on-line directory of women’s blogs. I was shocked to read a post by one of the contributing editors and fellow blogger saying that she has witnessed a great deal of on-line jealousy. Apparently, successful bloggers are being berated on-line by jealous female bloggers. One blogger commented that she feels like she is back in high school!

This is outrageous behavior! This is the year 2008 folks! What is going on here? If we adults cannot control ourselves and lash out at some one we perceive to be more successful than ourselves, what are we teaching our children? After all, they learn from our example. What attitudes are we passing down to the generation we are raising? Sounds like we adults are long overdue for a reality check ourselves.

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