Monday, August 18, 2008

"I Kissed a Girl..." #$%@^%!!!!!

Okay.  We don't have ipods and video games and all the gadgets kids have to have these days.  I know, I am probably a bit old fashioned, by I can't stand to see kids "connected to electronic gadgets" and tuned out of life.  As long as I am the caregiver in my family, I chose to avoid these "teen" items.

So, you can imagine how shocked I was to hear my girls singing what seemed like a lovely song in perfect harmony "I kissed a girl...  My boyfriend don't mind..."  #@$%*(&^%$@!!!!!!  "Whoa!"  What did you just sing?  To my horror they repeated it exactly as I'd just heard it.    I was  absolutely sure I had misheard and ask, "Who sings it?"  The response is "Katy Perry."  $#@@^%%$#@!!!  And of course the last question: "WHERE DID YOU HEAR THAT 

The bottom line is that they heard it somewhere.  The song is apparently number 9 on the charts.  I explained to my girls how INAPPROPRIATE the song was and told them that I never want to hear that song again.  However, once heard, the damage is done.   It infuriates me that an artist would put such rubbish out there.  This could have been a great song with a positive message instead of pushing bisexualism on the tender age group it is aimed at.  It is truly shameful.

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