Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Media Is In Control Of Our Kids

Every which way we parents look these days, big media seems to be in control of our kids. It is a scary time for parents and, though they have no clue, it is an even scarier time for America's youth. As I drive down the street, I see teens walking to and from school with earplugs deafening their ears all the while staring at a text they have just received on their cell phones. They are completely oblivious to what is going on around them. This is just plain dangerous and foolish.

Teens are going so far as to whip out their cell phones at parties and at the dinner table! We have to draw the line somewhere. I am not saying don't give your kids cell phones and ipods. My own children just got cell phones in the past year and Santa will finally be bringing the long awaited and coveted ipods this Christmas. (My oldest child is 13.) What I am advocating is laying some ground rules when handing over these insidious devices. And when they misbehave, these are the first casualties. Like Dr. Phil says, "You gotta speak in terms of their currency."

My husband and I have recently agreed that rap music will not be allowed in our house. We came to this conclusion about 2 hours ago when our youngest daughter's girlfriend introduced her, and me, to a website with music and video. The lyrics that caught our parental attention were: KKK, dying, killing,...

I quickly shut it down. I know it was a total buzz kill for my daughter, but TOO BAD! I seriously doubt that her girlfriend's conservative parents would approve of such messages! But then again, they most likely have no clue that their 11 year old is listening to such rubbish. The girl has an older sibling and is apparently exposed to things ahead of her psychological ability to comprehend them.

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