Saturday, November 29, 2008

Survivors Are Poor Role Models

As a huge fan of Survivor, it pains me to see Corinne and Randy's despicable behavior every Thursday night. They act like a couple of spoiled, rotten brats. I have to say that Corinne's behavior is of most concern to me as a mom and as a human being. In this past week's episode, Corinne completely lost control spewing hatred for fellow survivor Sugar.

Corinne sounded just like a schoolyard bully to me. I say that because she went on and on about how she was superior to Sugar because of her college education and superior intellect. All I know is that as a human being, Sugar is miles above Corinne and Randy. I continue to use their bad behavior as lessons for my children on how NOT TO BEHAVE!

In my opinion, both Randy and Corinne could use a strong dose of HUMILITY. It will be administered over the next couple of weeks as they get voted off the island. Actually, Randy is already off. Thanks Goodness!

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