Sunday, December 7, 2008

Parents Must Demand That Schools Protect Victims

I just wanted to further comment on the High School Hazing post from a few days ago. Even though laws were broken and 11 girls were humiliated, mistreated, and possibly had their lives endangered when they were blindfolded, bound, and thrown into a swimming pool, the 11 victims reported being harassed at school. The parents have asked the school what it will do to protect their children, but the school had not responded at the time of the article I read.

What these parents need to do is stop ASKING the Principal what he will do and start TELLING him and the District Superintendent exactly what they will do to protect further humiliation and victimization of the 11 students.  It is shocking how bullies continue to get away with their violence often encouraged by the very INACTION of school officials!!!

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