Wednesday, December 3, 2008

High School Hazing Gone Sooooo Wrong!

I just read a very disturbing post on today about a case of high school hazing gone very wrong written by fellow blogger Jennifer Satterwhite, founder of of which I am a member. This incident happened back on July 25th, but is only now getting a bit of media attention. I know I did not hear any mention of this school violence over the summer.

Apparently, 7 varsity cheerleaders from Katy Morton Ranch High School in Katy, Texas were supposed to take 11 cheerleaders from the school’s junior varsity squad to breakfast in their pajamas. Unfortunately, the seven girls decided to show up at 4 a.m., making some parents a bit nervous, to take the girls out for breakfast at IHOP. Instead, they drove the girls to a private residence, blindfold their unsuspecting victims, tied up the girls’ hands with duct tape, and threw them into a swimming pool!

Are you outraged yet??? I know I am!!! I once knew of a man who drove off the road and ended up in just 1 foot of water in the dark. The gentleman did not know how to swim, panicked, and drowned. It was very tragic. All he had to do was stand up. It is shocking, but these terrible accidents actually happen.

The varsity cheerleaders were indicted on hazing charges. I am furious to learn of the girls’ attorneys are stating that it was just “poor judgment”, and that it is unfortunate that the girls have to go through this ordeal during the holidays. What!!!!!!??????? Poor bullies!!!!!! I am sick and tired of hearing how the bullies didn’t mean any harm. Yes they did!!!! Otherwise, this would not have happened and they would not be facing criminal charges!!!

Some people are saying that this was not a crime. Actually, yes it is. The state of Texas has a law known as the Anti-hazing Law of 1995. Oh, and kidnapping is a crime, too!!! When the bullies decided to blind and tie up their victims, they committed another crime!!! The list of charges must be a mile long. Other people think that these girls should not be held accountable for their actions. That would be a HUGE MISTAKE!

A clear message needs to be sent out to BULLYLAND, that violence against others WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. PERIOD. I hope that justice will be served in Texas. The rest of the country and BULLYLAND are watching.

To add insult to injury the victims have been harassed at school during the on-going, criminal investigation. Big surprise! In this society, when we report bullying and the school administration does nothing to stop the bullying, our children are re-victimized. According to one dad, David Cruz, whose daughter was one of the victims, “The victims in this case are being treated like the guilty parties.”

The school has done nothing to protect the victims. Nor has the school assured parents of the victims that their children will be safe. When the Houston Chronicle asked the school what it would do respond to the victim’s parents’ concerns, the school had no comment.

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