Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mom Of Suicide Teen Holds The School Responsible

The "Sexting" suicide of Jessica Logan, a victim of cyberporn and "real life" bullying at her high school, has understandably outraged Jessica's grieving mother Cynthia.  In an interview on The Early Show Monday, Cynthia lashed out at the inaction of her daughter's high school administrators whom she claims did nothing to stop the bullying of her daughter and holds the school responsible for the allowing the chronic, public humiliation of her daughter that lead to her subsequent suicide.

I've written about the inaction of school administrators in earlier posts.  Unfortunately, given my own experience with 2 different schools, I was not surprised to hear that the school did nothing to help end the suffering of this teen and her family.

What did surprise me, however, was the inaction of law enforcement and the 6 attorneys who not only did nothing, but turned Jessica away in her time of desperate need.  Shame on all of them!

The fact is, there are anti-bullying laws on the books.  And hello!  There are certainly child pornography laws on the books!!!  Those responsible for disseminating Jessica's photo can certainly be charged with child pornography and also disseminating porn to minors. 

Lastly, schools that fail to take action when informed of "real life" bullying  or cyber bullying, are held liable when they do not take action to stop the bullying.  I call it Violence.  Bullying is an outdated term that, in my opinion, and should be called what it is:  Violence.  Plain and simple.

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Anonymous said...

The hilarious part of this post is that you miss crucial parts of the story.
Here's a good person to blame, how about the one that sent out nude pictures? High schoolers will be high schoolers, that's obviously unavoidable as you try to deny in your story. The school could've done something yes, but what? They can't completely protect a girl that sent out nude pictures of herself without just sending her to a new school. That is something the mom could've easily handled. So in summation, this whole story is an easy, pass the blame, clean your hands, type of deal.