Saturday, March 28, 2009

Teen Celebs, The Anti-Role Model

Teen celebs are becoming anti-role models for me and my family. I have yet to see one teen celeb that didn't get a big head and become a super diva or violent bad guy druggie or alci.

I have lost all hope to Miley Cyrus. The news reports about her have turned me off to allowing any more of her music and influence to come into my home. I really thought she was going to pull it off, but it looks like I was foolishly naive yet again. I mean, really! Lindsey, Miley, Rihanna, Britney, Jamie, Chris, Christian, Michael,... You hear more about the girls going wrong than you do about the guys going wrong. I wonder why that is?

The Jonas Brothers appear to be great, but I have been deceived by appearances before. Their parents seem to be doing a really good job of keeping them grounded. Time will tell.

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