Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Who Is "Sexting"?

Not my kid, you say?  You may want to think again.  According to Penny Aftab, an Internet safety expert, "the normal/good" kids are the ones who are sending these nude images from their cell phones and computers.

40% of boys say they have seen sexual images of girls at school!

15% of boys admit to disseminating images when they break of with their girlfriends!

20% of teens say they have sent or posted nude photos and/or video of themselves!

33% of young adults have sent or posted nude videos of themselves!

39% of teens say they text/send sexually suggestive messages!

48% of teens say they have received sexually suggestive messages!

65% of adults say they check websites visited by their children.

81% of parents believe their children are not careful when disclosing personal information online.

12 million teens are active online & 57% of them are creating web content.

68% of parents have rules about sites their teens visit.

* Statistics obtained from The Early Show broadcasted Monday, March 9, 2009.

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