Sunday, October 19, 2008

Communication With Your Child Is Key

In a previous post about one woman's experience (Michelle) when she reported to another mom that her daughter had sent sexually explicit text messages to her 12 year old son, Michelle seemed rattled by the other mom's defensive tone and ultimate denial. I too was called a liar when I contacted my daughter's bully's mom. I know how shocking and insulting that felt.

Mark Consuelos, a panel member on Oprah, quickly pointed out how the fact that Michelle's son communicated with her was a great testiment to her parenting and that Michelle should be focused on that. I agree. She did what was best for her son. She did the right thing. Neither Michelle nor I could control the indignant reaction of the offending child's mother upon hearing unpleasant news about her child's behavior.

After reporting bullying of any kind, it is important to stay focused on what was right about the entire episode. In this case, Michelle can be proud that her son felt comfortable in confiding in her. Even more so in this day and age when peer pressure dictates that our children avoid communication with parents! Good job Michelle!

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