Friday, October 10, 2008

Don’t Let the Mean Kids Use Your Child

Mean kids use other kids like henchmen carrying out their every order. Unfortunately, the henchman could be your son or daughter. Henchmen perform a variety of duties such as reconnaissance and intel, delivering nasty messages from the mean kids, etc.

Recently, my daughter was sent by a boy she called her friend to break up with his girlfriend of 2 days. He then asked another girl out (that’s what kids call going study now) who he dumped 2 days later. At this rate, he should be through the entire 6th grade by Thanksgiving!

Feeling badly, my daughter couldn’t bring herself to deliver this hurtful blow to the girl. So, Halley approached the girl’s friend who is one of the major bullies that tormented her all of 4th and 5th grade. The next day this boy text messaged my daughter saying that he was no longer her friend. What a coward! And what a punk to treat girls in such a despicable manner!

I was upset that my daughter would let herself be used by this boy to do his dirty work. I fear that it only put her back in harm’s way. Time will tell. It seems like it should be obvious to our children that they should not act as messengers or henchmen for the queen bees and bullies, but they need to be told.

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