Monday, October 13, 2008

Cyber Predator Alert

Half of all children from age 8 to 12 now carry cell phones. For this reason, it has become the perfect tool for child predators. Predators are using text messaging to lure children. Children’s social lives revolve around their cell phones. Children can come across these predators in various chat rooms and random text messaging. The predators make contact with them telling them they are cute and they like them. Predators lie about their age and text message with minors for days gaining their confidence. Then they manipulate the children to sneak away from home to meet. Often, the predator is waiting outside in a car.

Radar My Mobile Watch Dog is a new technology that parents can implement to protect their children from child predators. For $10 per month, parents can monitor text messages, pictures, and phone calls being sent and received from a child’s cell phone. Parents can program an approved list of contacts directly into their child’s phone. When an unapproved call comes in, it goes to the parent’s phone for review.

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