Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kids Glorify Violence

So, as I am waiting for my child to exit the school, the fight broken up by a police officer who appeared out of no where, an 8th grade girls came running passed me in the street yelling through her joyous laughter, "Dimitri just got his ass kicked by Cole!"  The 8th grade boy she was relaying this "awesome" news to replied, "That's sooooo COOL!"

Am I the only one who finds these comments completely disturbing????!!!!!!!  Our schools are saturated with a culture of violence that truly undermines American Society.  We are raising a generation of gangster-praising children who will one day do what?  Will they become abusive parents, spouses, parental abusers, elderly abusers?  What will they become?  What will America become if they are our FUTURE????

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