Thursday, May 7, 2009

We're All Afraid of the Bullies

I was out to lunch today, when the mom of a beautiful 16 year old, high school girl said that she put her daughter on the pill to clear up her skin.  My sister was surprised by this, but the mother stated her case that she didn't want her daughter to be made fun of because she had acne.  Don't all teenagers have acne?  This mom went on to say that her daughter would get a nose job as soon as school gets out given that her daughter is extremely self-conscious about her nose.

My 43 year old sister was shocked.  Here she was too afraid to get a boob job and Botox in her forties, and this 16 year old girl is on the pill and having plastic surgery!  Something definitely seems odd here.  Our society ridicules us when we are young and then it ridicules us as we age. Let me grow old gracefully in peace, for God Sake!

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