Wednesday, May 27, 2009

School Aged Children Sexually Harassing Classmates

I blame movie ratings being shifted down for our school aged children being overexposed to sexual language and innuendo by the PG13 movies their parents allow them to see without supervision, thinking they are okay.

I have watched some PG13 movies with my kids and I am shocked at the loose use of language and constant verbal description on sexual images.  Our children are exposed to adult material right under our noses.  They are picking up language that they really do not understand and they take it to school where they think it is cool to unleash it on their targets.

Words like "gay", "fag", "whore", "dyke", "virgin" are being hurled around primary and middle schools on a daily basis.  Are parents and teachers listening?   When these words are overheard by adults in the school hallways and classroom, are they ignoring it?  Are they calling the kids out on it?  Sometimes these words are shouted out when adults are present to get a reaction. What is our reaction?

We had better start reacting.  These cruel and hurtful labels are destroying innocent young lives, some of whom no longer able to deal with the pain they cause, commit suicide to stop the bullying.  This should not be happening America.

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