Friday, May 22, 2009

Uniformed Parents Are Ineffective Parents

So, my kids' middle school has a very disturbing trend going on.  My daughter's CORE teacher explained to me via email that in her 7 year history at the school, this has been the most violent year she has ever seen.

I've spoken to some 20 odd moms who I consider "plugged-in parents".  Not one of them knew of the 3 fights at school in just 3 school days.  They were all shocked to learn about them.  Some are angry, like me, that our school does not disclose this information to parents.  What's the big secret?

In my opinion, if we parents are informed of the number of fights and motives, we can work with our children at home.  As far as I am concerned, an uniformed parent in a ineffective parent.

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